June 2021


On the mend…

I have to say that the current cold has come and gone with incredible speed—I actually feel alright.

My only problem is the laryngitis—which is easing. Yesterday I couldn’t talk at all. Today I’ve managed two phone conversations—which is two more than I planned on, but I was able to make some understandable utterances.

I know that my recovery has accelerated: I’ve washed my sheets (to prevent reinfection), scrubbed the kitchen counters (I was going to do that tomorrow), and ironed a shirt (should have done that Saturday, but I was too ill-lazy to do so).

I’ve even taken a nap so that I could be ready for tonight—for tonight is the first semi-final of Eurovision and I’m planning on watching it (viva ‘net streaming!) and cheering for my favorites.

Out of tonight’s contestants I’ve already told you that I like Moldova and Iceland. The third song that I really like appearing on stage tonight is Albania’s It’s All About You by Juliana Pasha.

This leaves me with six songs that I like appearing in Thursday’s semi-finals—I will surely leave that evening depressed.

My least favorite song tonight is Turkey: We Could Be the Same by magNa

2 comments to On the mend…

  • Do all the entrants sing in English? I liked both of these.

    • No, English is not required, but it happens to feature in the vast majority of songs. There is an interesting history regarding song languages and the Eurovision Song Contest, but I won’t bore you with that here. Check Wikipedia if you want to know more.