September 2021


60 Minutes… And More

Residenz Cafe

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I made a small pledge to myself today and now I must try and fulfill it.

I’ve gained weight of late and I’ve decided, starting today, that I will spend at least 60 minutes taking a walk every day—beyond my current walks to and from nearby train station in Weimar and the office to and from Jena West. My basic rule is that the 60 minutes must be basically spent in motion—I’m allowed to pause when crossing streets, but standing and looking at stuff in the grocery store doesn’t count.

Today was the starting day, so at 11:30 I grabbed my camera and headed out the door. Ironically my first stop was the Residenz Café for lunch—vegetable crepes and two cups of coffee fortified me (mind you, I had not eaten breakfast, so this was the first meal of the day) for the walk ahead.

I spent an hour there before heading out and walking through Weimar—I found the Deutsches Bienenmuseum (German Bee Museum), which was not where I expected it. I also walked to the Oberweimar Bahnhof, a train station that I’ve gone past countless times on the train, but never actually looked at before.

The walk was quite long—in fact, I had planned on getting home at 3:30, but some how I didn’t get home until 4:30. It’s not that I got lost, but that the paths I planned on taking weren’t quite where I expected to find them, and I wasn’t willing to walk across the potato field unless there were other footprints suggesting it was ok.

Amusingly, once I started heading home, I discovered that the homeward bound path was, big surprise, the Goethewanderweg—named after Weimar’s favorite son, Goethe.

It was quite the educational walk—I also found the hospital, which was quite striking (no photos because it was cloudy when I walked past), and through the local cemetery before heading home.

All in all, it felt good—and hopefully I burned more than I ate through the day: certainly the vegetable crepes were quite delicious and not completely unhealthy—unlike the chocolate cherry cordials that I had for dessert last night.

Flickr: I posted 17 photos from my walk through Weimar to Flickr today—they are the most recent 17 photos. I’ve also created a “Weimar Set” on Flickr that contains all 106 photos I’ve posted to Flickr since joining the site.

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