September 2021


Packaging Overkill by Käfer

I wanted to get a gift for a friend who lives in Munich—a quick consultation with the über-wise Headbang8 delivered the perfect solution: a gift certificate to Käfer, a high-end grocery store.

Online I found a 50€ gift certificate, which then cost 5,90€ to get shipped to me.

I expected an envelope—worst case scenario. It never occurred to me that I would need to go to the nearest DHL Packstation to pick up this enormous box that had only those few papers.

I got my money’s worth in plastic peanuts.

6 comments to Packaging Overkill by Käfer

  • What’s the red booklet?

    • Reko

      Was it written perhaps by Chairman Mao?

      • As much as it looks like something from Chairman Mao, it’s actually the card with the note for my recipient inside. The gift certificate is inside yet another card inside another envelope. There’s no envelope for this large card.

  • Gourmet plastic peanuts, if you please.

  • Michele J

    I love how the box is covered in bright orange “fragile – do not drop” stickers.

    Once I ordered an Eggperfect Eggtimer, which is basically a little piece of plastic about the same size and shape as a real egg, and when you boil it with your eggs it gradually changes color so you know when to take them out for soft, medium or hard. (Cheap and brilliant gift BTW). They delivered this thing to my sister in a gigantic 2 ft x2 ft box full of wadded-up packing paper, and we LOLed.

  • headbang8 – please excuse my mischaracterization of the box contents. You are so correct.

    Michele J – I didn’t mention the fragile tape because… well, I thought I was picking enough on the size of the box. But the fragile tape was another layer of accidental humor.