May 2021


My House Warming Party is Officially… Delayed

My Comfortable Future Home.

As you know, I am moving to Berlin, with a new job starting on 1 July 2010 – a mere two weeks away!

While I had confidence before, I lack it now: I will not find an apartment to my liking in time for the start of my new job. I say this after having looked at 7 apartments in the part of the city that I most want to live in.

The first was on a street I want to live on, way up in a tall building, quiet at night (but not during the day). I was too excited about it and ignored the relatively high price thinking, “man, living here is perfect!” Upon later reflection I realized it was too expensive for my budget and I wouldn’t be able to afford to go out in my own neighborhood.

The second was comically small—although relatively quiet. Ultimately it was too small.

The third was comically large—happily called “2,5 Rooms”, it was really 3 rooms, and too expensive for my budget. The flooring was also a bit old and nasty.

Number four was about the right size, but located directly above a major intersection—and I mean majorly busy with lots of noise. The agent could tell I wasn’t happy with this one so he showed me another apartment (number five) a couple floors down that had a living room off on a quiet backside. The bedroom was above the busy street. Both apartments had appallingly bad laminate flooring, creepy kitchens, and the building is, I suspect, home to a lot of welfare types.

Number six was a one room apartment – in truth, a 1,5 room apartment, with a tiny bathroom, an incomplete kitchen, and in the one big room, beautiful wooden floors. Unfortunately it was in a back house, so the photo of the front of the building did not match the view I expected out the window – the two windows in the apartment looked out on what could only be described as a really large airshaft with a decent view into somebody else’s apartment. It was also on the fourth floor (fifth, by American counting) without an elevator going up a really tight and twisting staircase. (The view I expected was over some nearby rent-boy bars. That would have been awesome!)

If I could live here...

It was about then that it sunk in that unless apartment seven was a knockout, I was going to be homeless—and since I already knew where apartment seven was, I was not hopeful: it is on the corner of, if it were New York City, Christopher Street and Gay Street, on the 2nd (American third) floor, overlooking an intersection. The ground floor is a bar. It’s a one room with lots of windows, bright, well lit, but, ultimately, above a noisy bar. Had it been a bit bigger, with a separate bedroom, I would have overlooked the bar aspect.

At this point, I am homeless in two weeks: I am making plans to move my stuff into storage and continue the search from Berlin. Happily I think I have a short-term housing solution already—but I won’t know for sure until next week.

5 comments to My House Warming Party is Officially… Delayed

  • Reko

    Sr. Adamo, perhaps thee would like to move to Bloomington instead. Bloomington has a wonderful housing stock. I recommend that thee live in Fountain Park.

  • What is the problem with Germans and renting apartments? We had the same trouble finding a place in Frankfurt, and after saying ‘no’ to €2000 for one month in a 20m2 studio, we settled for a hotel.

  • mateo

    This is beginning to sounds like a “Goldilocks” story……I hope you find your “just right” very soon!!!!

  • Gosh, that must be stressful! I hope you find something soon!!!

  • Reko – I would never live in Fountain Park. Never. Even if I moved back to Bloomington — sorry!

    starman- strange. I don’t think it should be that expensive! I hope you have a great time in Frankfurt. I plan on never returning to that city again on a lifetime basis.

    mateo – I will, eventually.

    Emily – I have been having trouble sleeping. I doubt that comes as a surprise!