Since I’m moving to Germany, I’ve started to investigate web sites that will help me with the transition. One that I’ve encountered before is Expatica. I just registered today, using a newly formed email address for my EU life. I just signed up for their newsletters, and I suspect I will be getting more than I can care to read daily, but for now I’ll read them.

I just finished reading an article about Americans and how they are perceived in Europe–particularly with the Iraqi war in progress. An American press officer is quoted stating, “‘Some Germans don’t even think I’m worth talking to. They think if an idiot is leading the country, we must all be idiots.‘” See Americans in ‘Old’ Europe — and I am still an Unrepentant Nader Voter from 2000. That doesn’t mean I’m voting for him again this year.

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  • Expat reading-

    I’ve just read two books this year about Americans in Europe – Adam Gopnik’s “Paris to te Moon” and Paul Collins’ “Sixpence House” (about Wales). I enjoyed them both so I wanted to pass along the recommendation.


  • Jerry — I’ll look for those once I’ve moved. I have the sudden urge to not buy books, although I invested in Lonely Planet’s new Germany edition.