Gay New York

I went out to two bars on Thursday night—off first to catch the end of an amateur hod-body contest—which was amusing. Once it was over the music wasn’t exactly to my taste and I decided to press-on.

I found a club near my hotel where for only the second or third time since high school I was an obvious racial minority in a group. The last time I can recall being an obvious ethnic minority was when MT, Gary, and I were at West St. Mary’s High School Football scrimmage.

It was a gay club, so at least I wasn’t a sexual minority. The eye candy was good, but, sadly the music wasn’t really to my taste: I’m not a big fan of hip-hop.

I hung out there until about 1 in the morning—it was great for thinking through a problem that I’d received via email earlier in the day, and ultimately I left once I had the framework of an answer established in my mind.

Friday I stayed in: I was beat after having worked all morning, explored the city in the afternoon, and seeing a production of Sarah Kane’s Crave (A relative was involved in the production of the play).

Saturday night I was too annoyed to go out—I was still frustrated with my discovery that I needed to depart relatively early Sunday

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