September 2021


I’m less stressed now.

Some how I am going to survive August – and thanks to a bit of random luck, I’m even going to get bookcases this month!

Over lunch today I sat down with my Ikea shopping list and priced out the items from my “need” list—the light for my dining table and bedside lamp, along with the bulbs and other assorted things and realized that I’m not actually that badly off—I’m not certain how much I am going to spend on curtains for my windows, but surely four windows worth shouldn’t to be that expensive. I have an upper limit in my head that hopefully I won’t get near.

So once I finished figuring that out and realizing I would have money in my bank account, I pondered bookcases – and discovered that the bookcases I want did not actually cost the 239€ I thought, but were priced at 145€ in the color I wanted.

Why white bookcases cost less than the other colors is beyond me, but there you are, and I am thrilled at the prospect of having bookcases in my apartment this month instead of next month. It means I can spend the rest of the month shelving books and reading them – which is pretty inexpensive entertainment.

In the long run I will still need a few more large items from Ikea and then a bunch of little things for the kitchen, but I’m too mentally exhausted to figure out what I want and need for the kitchen yet—besides I haven’t even really begun to unpack the kitchen—the only thing I’ve done, and I’m serious about this, is wash a few plastic plates and all my flatware. Everything else needs to wait until the weekend and for the handyman to tell me all’s right with some of the cupboards.

On my way home from the office today I stopped by the supermarket and blew 30€ on pasta, sauce, and a few other things that will help me survive the month. I’m actually feeling comfortable now—not to the point where I am going to go out and splurge on a movie or hamburger, but to the point where after I finish shopping at Ikea, I’d buy a hot dog for 1€.

3 comments to I’m less stressed now.

  • Jen

    I’m glad the White Billys can move in and make themselves comfortable. 🙂

  • Oh man, I’m anticipating a very similar September. Good to know it can be done!

  • Jen – I’m thrilled they can move in. That will let me remove three boxes from my apartment almost immediately.

    Mandi – You can do it! 🙂 Bananas are cheap, as are apples. I might even lose weight this month, and that’s not a bad thing.