December 2021


Welcome to my new Berlin bedroom.

You’re invited to join me in the bedroom.

The Bedroom, at night.

Above my bed is my Tom Coverdale framed set: an autographed photo of the man in action and a piece of Assembly Hall floor, signed by the man.

Bedroom in the Morning

Light with ShadeNone of my rooms are completely dominated by Ikea, but if there is one that is, it’s my bedroom. The bed? Malm, by Ikea. The lamp on the side table? Ikea. The curtains? Ikea. The lampshade for the bulb hanging from my ceiling? Ikea.

Even the duvet, pillows, and duvet covers are Ikea. The fitted bottom sheet, however, is not—but seeing as I need new ones (my current ones are developing holes), this will change in the relative near future.

Wardrobe and Cabinet

Plush TowerIn the rest of the room, I have a wardrobe (ex-USA), a cabinet (ex-USA; for Weimar folk, this used to hold my dishes back when I lacked cabinet space in the attic) for t-shirts and other assorted things, and a wire tower of, well…

Stuffed animals and other knickknacks, starting, at the top, with the sun, by Murakami, which I picked up at the Brooklyn Museum in 2008.

Murakami Sun

Stuffed Animals And...

More stuffed animals


The bottom...Below are more stuffed animals and other things that I’ve picked up over the years, down to a Stingray that my parents gave me a long time ago to remember my first email address, Stingray@ the University of Wyoming. The levels below include a calendar of hunks and a spare duvet for guests.

Torchy! and Flight Certificate

While I’m lying in bed I can look up and see, on the left, a flight certificate that I completed a flight over Berlin on the DC-3 Candy Bomber (the one that crashed earlier this summer). On the right is an autographed photo from the famous Torchy / @Torchyboy.

I should actually say something more about Torchy. He’s a closeted guy out of England who has acquired a large following of fans and friends on his blog and on Twitter. He seems to do an amazing amount of stuff, although he’s currently unemployed. An avid amateur photographer, he’s also trained for and run in a marathon. He went to school in Bristol, so perhaps he’s Banksy, but I doubt it.

He also participates in #ShowPantsSaturday, where people take photographs of themselves in their pants and posts links to the photos on Twitter. Lest you are confused, I might note that the British definition of pants is slightly different from the American definition. British “pants” is equal to American “underwear” – and Torchy is a big fan of Calvin Kleins. He also looks really good in his Calvins.

And on that note, does anybody else remember how Marty McFly was called Calvin by his Mother?

Maybe I’m dating myself.

6 comments to Welcome to my new Berlin bedroom.

  • Ted

    When Marty McFly went back in time his mother was a young girl. She saw his strange purple underwear and his name Calvin Klein on the waistband. She assumed his mother sewed his name on the underwear so he wouldn’t loose them.
    I have Damon Bailey posters on my bedroom wall.
    Loving the new apartment and thanks for helping IKEA out of the red.

    • I’m glad somebody knew where that came from. It’s one of my favorite movies.

      Actually the only new Ikea item in the bedroom is the lampshade. All the other Ikea items are things I’ve owned for several years now. New Ikea things will appear when we visit the living room.

  • Oh. I assumed that was a rhetorical question. I thought EVERYBODY knew why Lorraine called him Calvin.

    • It was sort of rhetorical, but I suspect that the movie has lost traction with younger generations. I would suspect that most 18 year olds in the US, today, would not have seen the film.

  • I cried a little bit just now when I realized that that movie is a quarter century old.