I ran out of Internet.

Sorry about my silence over the weekend, but Saturday morning I downloaded two podcasts, enjoyed listening to them, and then Saturday evening found out that I had run into my 3GB surfing wall.

I suppose that on the plus side it took me 6 more days to reach the wall in August than it did in July, which only means that I’ve managed to better control my own surfing: few Flickr uploads, little Flickr exploration. Only one or two YouTube videos. No porn.

Let me tell you: It’s been a rough summer.

The good news is that once my August pay shows up (hopefully today, worst case scenario is tomorrow), I will go out on the town, ride in limousines, eat at 5-star restaurants, and party at the swankiest clubs in down.

Oh wait, I actually have more modest plans: get the iPhone 4, order VDSL service for home, and pay some bills.

Reality may not sound as thrilling, but it is, perhaps, more exciting.

3 comments to I ran out of Internet.

  • Reko

    Adamo rocks. He da MAN! Reality is thrilling and exciting as long as Adamo is involved.

  • Prashanth

    haha…if only your headline had no space between the words I and ran, it would’ve been:

    ‘Iran out of internet’ !!!….you would’ve become a journalist overnight!!

  • Reko – You spread such fabulous lies.

    Prashanth – Alas, I wouldn’t have facts to back up my headline…