July 2022


From Katrina – katrnab@gmail.com

I contacted you because I need a person who can sell my items on eBay. I just got my hands on many laptops from a store that entered in bankrupt. The laptops are brand new, never used, they are all sealed in their original box with all the accessories and producer warranty. I had a pretty big discount due to the fact that I purchased a lot of them and I want to sell them at a higher price in order to obtain a good profit.

I have 25 laptops for sale:
– 8 Apple Macbook Pro 17inch with i7 (2010 model)
– 8 Apple Macbook Pro 15inch with i7 (2010 model)
– 9 Dell Alienware M17x with i7 (2010 model)

I don’t have time to create an eBay account and manage the listings, respond to potential buyers etc, and due to the fact that I will have 0 feedback and low prices on my items, people won’t trust buying from me and I don’t have that much experience with eBay. All you have to do is to list 3 laptops each day on eBay. I will send you the descriptions and pictures for each laptop. You only have to copy my listing an insert it on eBay (copy/paste). After the listing ends you will have to send me the winning bidder’s addres and I will send the laptop to him/her in 24 hours max. and I will provide you the tracking number of the item so you can give it to the buyer. After the buyer gets the laptop I am offering him 7 days to inspect the laptop. If it is as described in the auction and you get positive feedback you will have to send me the money(From the price you will take your share along with the fees that you paid to list the item). If you are interested I can offer you $150 for each laptop sold + the fees to eBay and PayPal.

Are you willing to start right now? I am waiting for a fast reply from you and I will send you all the details you need to start working.
Thank you very much!

7 comments to From Katrina – katrnab@gmail.com

  • Kay

    Hi! I got this same stupid spam email this morning, Googled it, and found your website. I hate crap like this! I reported it (fat lot of good that will do, I’m sure) and wish I knew how s/he got my email address…

  • Doug

    Ditto. Adding my note only to increase Google-fu for the page in case anybody is gullible enough to think about signing up but cautious enough to search first….

  • Jeppe

    Me too, too. Consider it just being the super naive Katrina who just came home from a motivational seminar, where she in incantations cried “Strangers are my friends! Strangers are my resources! We’re all in this together” and who’d just learned to take immediate action in getting people to know her, by sending out a cry for help on her ebay listings. Love her, reply to her.

  • Even if it were not an obvious spam e-mail, I’d have to question how sincere they are. Katrina has enough time to e-mail you, develop the e-bay listing (so you can simply cut and paste), and research the “items” for sale, yet she does not have enough time to put the listing up herself? Strange.

  • Prashanth M

    Congratulations Adam! You’re in business! :P, so when is my complementary ‘goodwill’ laptop coming?

  • Kay – I bet there’s a sucker out there.

    Doug – It’s why I posted the email address. Spam harvesters need to get addresses from somewhere.

    Jeppe – she’s now in the spam box.

    Cynical Queer – her reputation sucks! (so does mine, btw)

    Prashanth – it’s in the mail.

  • Richard

    Spam, yes. A scam, surely. What I can’t see is how – assuming the laptops don’t exist – it can make money for the scammer. No laptop – no positive feedback – no money sent. Can anyone spell it out for me?