June 2021


Pantry Cleansing

Saturday morning I went to the grocery store and stocked up on some fairly heavy items, which I immediately regretted.

I had to carry them home.

Cans of Kidney Beans, Corn, and Soup are not individually light, and collectively they are lethal, especially when combined with three bottles of my favorite green iced tea.

Once I got home, I decided it was high time to clean the pantry—it was a mess, with cans stacked randomly. I had no idea what was on the shelves—so I spent the next hour empty shelves and moving things around, in the process findings some things I had missed and tossing some things that had been missed for too long.

Cleaning the pantry led me to discover a few stray bottles that had not yet been returned for their deposits—four from Aldi, that über-inexpensive supermarket based in Germany. There are also a few from REWE, and then a bunch of random bottles that I will return two or three at a time when I buy crap at the expensive grocery store at the train station. My goal is to get rid of all these stray bottles sometime before I die.

This evening I got rid of the four from Aldi—I grabbed the four bottles, took the long way to the store, fed the four bottles into the machine and got a receipt good for 1€. However, I didn’t feel like just asking for one €uro, so I wandered the store and settled on purchasing a 1,79€ bottle of Shiraz wine from Australia.

The bottles are returned, the wine is nice—and the wine bottle gets recycled, as wine bottles have no deposit.

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