July 2022


Six More Things Nailed Down.

Tuesday was a great day: my handyman returned and completed a number of chores for me:

  1. The kitchen cabinets have been rehung and no longer pull away from the wall at the top;
  2. My curtains have been trimmed to more appropriate lengths. Actually now they are too short and it’s impossible to make them longer. I fucked that part up: he took them down and I did the work;
  3. There’s a light in the hallway and now when I get home in the evenings I don’t have to fumble for the bathroom to turn on its light;
  4. My DSL splitter no longer hangs from the phone jack loosely, it’s attached to the wall and looks professional now;
  5. My new Ikea shelves for are in the kitchen and have had their little wall attachment attached; and
  6. A new toilet seat is installed. I was going to buy one myself, but I ran into a problem: the standard opening seems to be 28cm, but I have a slightly more elliptical shaped toilet with an opening of 32cm. A minor problem ultimately; it isn’t octagonal.

I didn’t go to the office at all Tuesday—in the morning I emptied the kitchen and cleared appropriate spaces for the handyman to work. It took me a couple hours to do this.

For lunch I went out to eat because my kitchen was cleared out—I went to a nearby café and discovered that it was packed—but a nice place to hangout. After the handyman called to tell me that he would be a bit late, I wandered through a number of shops—seeing stuff I’d not had time to see before. There’s a lot of cool stuff in my neighborhood.

The handyman spent two and a half hours doing everything on the list, although he has to return Thursday mornings to do two minor things.

Funny enough, after he left I was exhausted. I was ready to collapse, so I didn’t bother to really reload the kitchen. Instead I cleaned it to the best of my exhausted abilities before going out for an early dinner.

3 comments to Six More Things Nailed Down.

  • Ted

    After the handyman left you were exhausted. That happened to me once too. Also, my knees were sore. What? Oh, I was helping him install cable TV.

  • I’m glad that things are coming together and that your cabinets are literally nailed down. It’s always nice to know that the kitchen will not crash onto your head when you reach for the dishes.

  • Ted – Bad you.

    Cynical Queer – It’s even nicer known that the cabinets, with my dishes, will still be on the wall when I get home.