August 2021


Sunday Again!

So today was like my previous two Sundays in that it started with a trip to Café Laden with my copy of The Economist.

I returned to the flat* where I did a load of laundry and a bit of web surfing: I am trying to plan a trip next weekend to someplace more cosmopolitan than Evansville—even if it is Berlin.

In the afternoon I took a long walk around Weimar—starting out wandering through Weimar’s cemetery and then down along the Ilm River before circling back home.

Along the way I snapped a few photos, in the process discovering that my camera has lost an important screw and is threatening to come apart—so I am refraining from abusing it further until I get the screw replaced. Thankfully Annie will assist me tomorrow at lunch time. I will probably not post the photos until Tuesday evening.

Weekend Plans: Originally I had planned to go to Leipzig Friday night. It was a last minute thing—I was going to hang out at Cocks or G-Garage, sleep a few hours, do some desperately needed clothes shopping, and then return to Weimar. Except there was a large Messe going on, and hotel rooms were incredibly expensive. I started thinking about hitting Berlin for fun, a first for me, considering I’ve found it dismal in the past.

*Mike: Another British Term is being used here. You can beat me with a wet noodle the next time you see me.

6 comments to Sunday Again!

  • IUMike

    Flat works for me…I used it for years after I got back from New Zealand. But I’ll still beat you when i see ya…and I got some more interesting instruments than a wet noodle, lol 🙂

  • mateo

    Gee, thanks, Mike, for putting that lovely image in my head!!!!

    And Adam, I always knew you had a few screws loose, but to hear that you are actually missing one disturbs me deeply! Heh.

  • Ed

    Only Bloomington is more cosmopolitan than Evansville. Don’t you know that?

  • MT

    Woot! I love the E-ville reference. 🙂 We’re so cosmopolitan that I actually ran into students while I was walking my dog on the levee. D’oh! I can’t go anywhere!

  • You’re goign to beat me?

    oh god, I have sinned more than I thought.


  • I am looking forward to the photos!