October 2021


Being Warm is a Mental Game

The past couple of weeks Berlin has been floating right around the freezing mark—most of the time a couple of degrees below, and a few days, a couple of degrees above.

I could be grumbling about this—and, in fact, I was—but I’m not—anymore.

Why, you might ask?

It is because I am going to visit two of my University of Wyoming friends.

I’ve not seen either in 12 or 13 years—mainly because after graduation they moved to some place I’ve never really considered visiting before: North Dakota.

Admittedly I’ve thought about visiting them, but the timing’s never worked and I failed to make it a high enough priority. I think it’s because I half hoped that they would visit me wherever it was I happened to be living: Indiana, Weimar, and now Berlin. However they have kids and the practicality of the two of them hopping on an airplane with their two kids and visiting me in Berlin is… well.. unrealistic.

So I’m going to go visit them.

In January.

In North Dakota.

So I’ve been keeping track of their weather, and whilst it’s hovering right around freezing around the clock here in Berlin, there the high temperature today is forecast to be -9C/16F.

This is actually an improvement—a couple of days ago I looked at the temperature and saw -27C/-17F.

I’ve got nothing to complain about: Berlin’s hot in comparison.

8 comments to Being Warm is a Mental Game

  • Where in North Dakota? There is certainly a big difference between, say, Fargo and Minot.

    (And it could be worse. It could be Winnipeg…)

    • Rian

      Fargo. That is practically the southern part of nd! It is always warmer in the south, right? We look forward to your visit.

      • Cari-Ann

        Of course Minot would be worse – I don’t think it’s because of the weather though 🙂 Excited for your visit! Any specific items you would put on your wish list for your stay? food, activities, etc?

        • Hi Cari-Ann — I have nothing in mind right now. I haven’t had time to do any research on Fargo. I’ll look it up this week…

  • Yeah, all I have to do is look at the KC or Detroit weather, and I immediately feel the urge to stop complaining about our crappy weather. Theirs outcraps us every time.

  • North Dakota sounds interesting! But cold.
    These guys got sent there as punishment:

  • Such a positive person, you are. I look at New Orleans and go, “What was I thinking, moving to such a cold climate.”

  • Scott — As Rian reveals, Fargo. I’ve never been to North Dakota, so it will all be a great surprise to me. Am excited.

    Rian — I am excited about my visit — I just hope that I leave Fargo with all my extremities.

    Sarah — I’m glad to know that I’m not alone. I am positively happy to be in Berlin right now…

    CN Heidelberg – What an awesome story! Those people will forever remember Fargo. Actually it was probably a better meeting in Fargo than a meeting in Hawai’i.

    MT – If you lived in New Orleans, you would have to face hurricanes. Blizzards are, I think, better.