September 2021


Christmas Markets are Hunky-dory!

Rathaus Spandau Christmas MarketI’ve now been to a lot of Christmas Markets here in Berlin: Alexanderplatz, Alexa, Rathaus Spandau, the Adventsökomarkt, and the Lucia Weihnachtsmarkt (at the Kulturbrauerei). At the same time I have a new personal best: I’ve had, so far, four Glühwein at Christmas Markets this year. The best Glühwein so far was at a hut at the Rathaus Spandau Christmas Market – not only was it the least expensive cup (only 2€), but since the cup was clear glass, they didn’t even see fit to levy a Pfand (deposit) for the cup.

And no, I didn’t steal it.

Unfortunately, however, I haven’t found any presents at the Christmas Markets this year. It seems that the same shit that was sold at the Christmas Markets in Jena, Erfurt, and Weimar, is also sold at all of the markets up here in Berlin—even at the Adventsökomarkt, which is a fair-trade, ecologically friendly market. I am actively looking for a new scarf since I managed to lose one this winter, and there have been no attractive ones to be found.

Further, can somebody please explain to me why it is that all of these earthy, eco-friendly, non-western goods shops and booths all smell of the same, horrid, nasty incense? It’s like there’s only one scent coming out of the Far East and it’s called “Repel Adam”.

Tonight I’m baking my second batch of sugar cookies of the season—and keen observers will note, this week’s have sprinkles. I hope you’re happy!

Sugar Cookies, with sprinkles

5 comments to Christmas Markets are Hunky-dory!

  • there’s only one scent coming out of the Far East and it’s called “Repel Adam”.


    Speaking of scents: I’ve been meaning to follow up with you for months about something. When you buy something cosmetic or otherwise smellstastic, and they offer to throw in some manly samples, please keep them for me if you’re not interested in them.

    (I vaguely remember reading your disdain for the free samples some time ago.)

  • ckt

    I hope I get to meet in person some of those cookies tomorrow night!

  • cliff1976 – I shall save them — when I receive them, but I haven’t been in the market for colognes in awhile.

    ckt – I am saving them all for you. I hope you’ll share with others at your home.

  • koko

    because all gypsies smell bad and think that they are covering it up with the RepelAdam flavor. trust me, i have a very good family friend who is a gypsie at the markt. she used to sell socks but has since picked up wood working. Nürnberg is the best christmas market 🙂

    • 🙂 I don’t think there were any Roma selling goods at the Christmas markets–the smell is that one that earthy-eco-environmentalists wearing hemp and burning incense seem to enjoy so much.