October 2021


Berlin: Thursday

Thankfully the trip up to Berlin was uneventful: I was essentially on time, and, as I was making the trip on the U-Bahn, my ticket was inspected, one of three journeys that I was controlled.

My flat in Berlin was in a terrific location—a block away from the U-Bahn station, a block away from The Garage, and two blocks away from the gay district.

The Haircut

My first chore, upon arriving in Berlin, was to get my hair cut at the same place I got it cut last time, Hofbarbier. I was hoping to have the same stylist, but, alas he was not there. Instead I got to choose between a 30€ or a 12€ haircut: the Professional or the Apprentice. I let them choose, and the Apprentice went to work on my head.

Mind you our conversation was incredibly limited—but I didn’t care. He was hot. No, actually he wasn’t hot, he was HOT! His hair, well, his hair was my type: spiky, colorful (blue streak), and attractive. He was taller than me and his facial features were my type—strong, angular, perfect. He had a tattoo on his left arm: intricate, interesting, and fitting. The only annoying feature was the fact that his waist was annoying thin—however, this is something I can quickly and easily overlook. Plus he was slightly fem, which really worked on him.

I was having incredibly filthy thoughts as he cut my hair, his body pressing into mine.

During our brief conversation, I asked him where he was from—which elicited a very long explanation that he wasn’t actually from Berlin, but he was from a small, sheltered, boring place, far away, in a Lander called Thuringia and a city called Erfurt (Richard Florida’s tolerance theory born out).

And yes, that’s the Erfurt 12km from Weimar.

Now, with all due deference to my wonderful, nice, fun, and super stylist Wendy in Bloomington (If you’re reading this, please understand that I love and adore you), I have never wanted to bring a stylist home with me before.

This one can move in, as far as I’m concerned.

The Garage

After my haircut, I headed over to The Garage—the used clothing shop where clothing is sold for 13,99€ per kilo. I bought 3 shirts for 10.91€–or less than one full kilo.

I spent about an hour in the shop, but I don’t really have much to say about the shop, but that it was fun and the selection was broad. There were a large number of items that made me wonder how they got from their native land to The Garage, including a shirt from Sheplers, a Western Wear clothing store I knew from growing up in Denver.

Sadly there wasn’t any of Brent’s used underwear for sale.

Actually, there wasn’t any used underwear for sale.

Underwear remained on my shopping list for a later day.

4 comments to Berlin: Thursday

  • koko

    yay for not being tempted to buy used panties 🙂 that makes me a happy koko.

    buying used panties=buying used tampons=horrific in my book *shudders*

  • mateo

    Used panties = Used tampons? Dearest Koko, I hardly think those are in the same category! Though now you have give ME reason to shudder!

    Adam…why no picture of this scrumptious stylist? I’m sure we’d all like to see what you have been drooling over! Heh.

    PS: You missed a lovely Miss Gay IU this year!

  • I’m with Mateo. I think that used tampons and used underwear are entirely different thing…

    I wear underwear multiple times (washed in between). I don’t think any sane person would use a tampon more than once. But then again, I’m not a girl so I don’t actually know.

  • koko

    I’m sad, I thought Miss Gay IU was in April so I totally missed it…figured mateo would have called 🙁

    Okay, so you don’t wear a tampon more than once, so i guess i could compare it to buying a used femicup (a cup used to catch the blood) or buying a used pleasure toy. To me it’s all disturbing nonetheless…

    sorry for the graphic nature of my descriptions mateo 😛