June 2021


My afternoon was so bright, I had to wear shades!

Make no bones about it, despite the cloudy weather, Monday afternoon I was wearing shades.

This was because I spent some time at the IU School of Optometry getting my eyes examined by Liz, a student—and I chose to get my eye examination here in Bloomington because her supervisor is the doctor who diagnosed what was wrong with my eyes in the first place, a few years back.

I have an obscure, congenital, problem with my eyes, Axenfeld Anomaly. Although I do not have any immediate issues as a result of this problem, I am much more likely to develop glaucoma.

Truthfully, as I’ve noted before, I am rotten at anything medically related – merely hearing a discussion about blood causes me to feel ill. If a nurse is feeling me up, looking for a vein to tap, she better have smelling salts around because I will turn white and I might even faint.

Another area where I have issues is having people touch my eyes—I don’t deal well with it—whether finger or machine—and the doctor knows that I am crap at this, so I get to take the air-puff glaucoma test—which I vastly prefer to the other one where a blue light seems to come at you until it touches your eye. I’ve involuntarily flinched at precisely the wrong moment every single time, except the first time. And even with the air puff test, I managed to misperform the first set—apparently I was holding my breath and had to repeat the tests to double check the results—the second round my numbers were much better.

As for trying to get drops in my eyes in order to dilate them? Also a challenge. Amazingly Liz managed to get the first drop (the anesthesia, I believe) in my right eye on the first try, although it took her two on the left eye. The second drop (the one that actually dilates the eye) went in more easily, but it was still a struggle.

Once my eyes were dilated, a few more quick checks were made, a photo was taken, and I was on my way. If you know what to look for, you can spot the Axenfeld Anomaly in my right eye. I think everybody can spot the overhead light.

Axenfeld Anomaly in my right eye. Click for full sized goodness!

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