September 2021


Holy Cow! Is it really February?

So after three weeks of cold, if not miserable, weather in the US, I’ve returned to Berlin, only to find that the weather here, while cool, is pleasant.

I haven’t needed to wear my winter coat, my boots, a hat, or a scarf for the last five days—a stark contrast to my last week in Indiana where every day I was bundled up and cold—watching four inches of snow blanket my rental car (one without a brush included) last Saturday morning.

Perhaps spring has really sprung: I’ve seen plants budding on the street.

5 comments to Holy Cow! Is it really February?

  • You missed the good weather here. It’s supposed to be 60 next week!

    • Reko

      Perhaps this is true of the surface weather conditions. But consider the “deep climate” of the two locations: South Central Indiana is filled with love and hope and beauty–a warmth of the heart, mind, and soul. Berlin… well, what can I say about the frigid heartlessness of that metalic and mechanical space devoid of human emotion?

  • Our plum trees are starting to bud here. They finished losing their 2010 leaves about 3-weeks ago. Winter is short for them here in California.

  • Ted

    It has warmed up here in Indiana since Adam left. Oh wait I didn’t mean it like that. It is good that he left because here they still kill Homos and tie them to their pick-up trucks. There is no hate crimes and the only good Homo is a dead one. (except for that pool of diversity known as Bloomington)