September 2021


Newfoundland Counted! Or not…

Goosebay, Canada (YYR)


Before today I had not visited four Canadian provinces: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Newfoundland.

I’ve always assumed that Newfoundland would be the most difficult of the ten, especially since I’ve already been to all of its neighbors.

However the fickle finger of fate send crappy weather into the skies around Newark and my flight from Berlin stopped to refuel in Goosebay, Newfoundland, in order to ensure we’d have enough fuel to circle, if need be. And we needed it.

We spent a total of about 45 minutes on the ground, 18 of those minutes with the door open while we were being refueled.

So… have I been to Newfoundland or not?

7 comments to Newfoundland Counted! Or not…

  • J

    Nope, because you didn’t clear immigration and you did not leave the airport grounds for sightseeing or at least a meal.

    BTW, I’m impressed that you’ve been to PEI. Not many of us have.

  • Jen

    YES! Why not? Your plane landed on the ground there. Count it.

  • I had a layover once in CA but have never really actually visited there. I don’t count it because the layover was at night and I couldn’t see a thing. If I could have seen some scenery from the flight/airport I might have counted it. So I guess it’s just however you feel. 😉

  • I count it only if *I personally* have set foot on their soil. However, as the other commenters mention, it’s *your* rules that count, so set them as you will. 🙂

    (Next time, convince the flight attendants that you need to run outside and put a foot on the ground…I’m sure from a security standpoint that wouldn’t be quite on…but by my rules you’d then count it.) 😉

  • Reko

    I think that you need to return and visit L’Anse aux Meadows–preferably with Ricky and me.

  • mateo

    I usually don’t count it when that happens. Maybe give yourself a half point for it. If it ever happens again, give yourself another half point, and then it DOES count. Though I’m sure it would be much better to go back and actually check out what you are missing!

  • Only if you leave the airport. That’s why I don’t count Seattle, even though I was stuck there for a five hour layover when I was 18.