September 2022


Eurovision 2011

Saturday night was fabulous – I met up with some work colleagues and friends, had dinner, and headed to a gay bar to watch Eurovision. We were, basically speaking, half of the bar—and responsible for the only three women in the bar – a bar that lacked a women’s restroom, but did have a dark room.

I won’t rehash the contest – there are enough people doing that out there – instead I will note that my two early favorites, Sweden and Hungary, were both in the finals—and for the first time in years, one of my favorites actually did well. Sweden came in third (and holy cow, Eric Saade is only 20?!?!?!?!!!!!).

Hungary was 22nd.

France (which I won’t post) didn’t do as badly as I expected—it came in 15th.

I have to confess that the actual winner, Azerbaijan, came out of nowhere, at least for me. The song got four out of five stars from me on my iTunes ratings—and I actually started singing along to it at the bar.

That said, I am still in mourning over Malta. Glen Vella had a great song and is incredibly cute – my future husband cute. His birthday was Saturday and I found myself wishing him happy birthday on Facebook.

Call me crazy.

7 comments to Eurovision 2011

  • Olaf

    1) You’re crazy
    2) There was no ladies’ room??? I didn’t notice!
    3) There was a darkroom???? I didn’t notice that either!
    4) It was a lot of fun, I had a great time!
    5) No matter how much I love Eurovision, I am so happy it happens only once a year…….. ;-)))

  • In Ireland the papers were saying France was picked to win so I was really surprised to discover it was an opera tune…that did poorly.
    The winner definitely came out of nowhere. I thought it was totally unspecial and boring. I guess Eurovision voters know something I don’t – or at least take it a bit more seriously. 😉

  • I couldn’t for the life of me remember why I knew who Eric Saade was, then while reading a Eurovision review, one word brought it all back: Manboy. Don’t remember it? http://slicken.it/p7

    I hated the winning song. Like, actively loathed it.

  • Mateo

    Everyone already knows you’re crazy. And your future hubby is a cutie! 🙂

  • ian in hamburg – thanks, I thought so.

    Olaf – we should do it again next year!

    CN Heidelberg – I cannot imagine a scenario where an opera song would do well in Eurovision. Especially not from France. Unless and until they sing in English, they are doomed to never win.

    Irish Berliner – thanks – i like confirmation of my insanity

    Sarah1976 – oh dear, now I cannot get Man Boy out of my head

    Mateo – I’m glad you like my taste in men 🙂