October 2021


I <3 WE: Visiting the European Capital of Culture (1999)

Weimar, as seen on the train from Leipzig to Erfurt

My first time in Weimar today. I returned 30 minutes later for a longer visit.

Back when I took my apartment in Weimar, I knew that my time remaining in Weimar would be limited, so one important (but unspoken) criteria was that my apartment would be easy to get rid of—that I would be able to fly in the face of German rules that require three months notification by finding a nachmieter who would take over on short notice.

It was easier than I expected: a friend came over, saw the apartment, and said she wanted it – I didn’t even have to clean the place up for endless visits from prospective renters.

So 11 months ago, I moved out and she moved in.

Today I am back in Weimar, visiting the old home.

Naturally there have been some changes to my apartment. Not that it’s mine anymore. Its new owner has more furniture and more equipment. The style isn’t mine, but it works.

Besides my friends in Weimar, it turns out that the thing I miss most about Weimar is the bathroom in my old apartment.

The bathroom in Weimar is the only one I’ve seen with honest-to-god wood floors – and I do not mean laminate or some plastic wood, but real wood—stuff that used to be in a tree in a forest. It also had one of the largest bathtubs I’ve ever seen in an apartment—big enough for me to lie down in and soak.

So I enjoyed a very long soak in the bathtub this afternoon.

I love my life in Berlin—I’ve noticed that I’m doing more. More than ever before I find myself with double-booked evenings (hello next Wednesday), where in Weimar, I would come home from work and lie in the tub.

I’d love to do this in Berlin, and while my bathroom has a tub, there’s no way I could lie down and soak in it, comfortably. It’s neither wide enough nor long enough to accommodate me.

Instead I go to the gym, lift weights, do cardio, and then steam myself in the steam room – which isn’t a bad alternative.

Meanwhile, tonight will be like so many of my Weimar nights: Anke is coming over. We’ll be making pizza from scratch.

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