September 2021


Restart Your Engines

What does the title of this post promote?

Serious and Non-Serious answers welcome. Legitimate Serious answer will be posted to the comments later.

15 comments to Restart Your Engines

  • ChrisC

    The obvious answer would be something being marketed to show its related to auto racing, but I’m guessing that the correct answer will be something else.

  • Ed

    It is Indiana’s new tourist slogan. I know that but then I live here. It refers to not only the Indy 500 but visiting Indiana to get a new start. Ok, I think it’s lame too.

  • MT

    Indiana’s slogan should really be “If they build (I-69), they will come.” At least, that would be the slogan that the pro-business freaks in Evansville would promote.

    Okay, that’s not especially creative, but I am too tired to think.

  • ChrisC

    Or would that be, “…if they build I-69 they will cum?” *grins*

    I must get my mind out of the gutter!

  • Ed,

    If “restart your engines” is the new marketing slogan for Indianapolis, I feel sorry for the local businesses and individuals who rely on tourism. Associating Indy with racing is kind of like associating Canada with igloos: it’s an outdated anachronism that doesn’t resonate with a modern audience. While it’s true that Indy 500 and Brickyard 400 remain popular events, they occur just twice a year, so the vast majority of Indy visitors are visiting other destinations at every other time of the year.

    Indy should consider marketing other things: its collection of downtown theatres, its parks, its museums, etc. City marketers should strive to overcome Indy’s association with racing in the same way that San Antonio’s advocates should stop remembering the Alamo. 🙂

  • Jerry, not that this significantly changes your point, the slogan is for Indiana, not Indianapolis.

    The auto races South of Bloomington are being promoted as well.

  • Anonymous

    I-69 has been built from Fort wayne to Indianapolis. They still need to finish it from there to Evansville. Looking at a map of Indiana without the rest of I-69 is like looking at a bicycle wheel with a spoke missing. If only one life is saved it will be worth it. Those who are opposed to interstates should close the ones they have down and turn them into wildlife areas. We sure don’t need more crop land, the government is paying farmers not to grow anything on over 2 million acres now. I think I’ve said enough, probably too much, I’m sorry but that is how I feel.

  • Ed

    I didn’t mean for the above to be anonynous, sorry again.

  • The fact that this is a state– rather than city- slogan is even more egregious, as auto racing only takes place in certain communities.

    Trying to come up with a clever state-level slogan might be difficult: after all, who can really say that Ohio is “The Heart of it All” without snickering?

  • The notion that one might unwind in Indiana is demonstrated with the slogan–so it does work on multiple (two) levels.

    A third level might be Kokomo and its lagging auto industry´–it’s a city where they really do wish that they could “restart” their engines.

  • Anonymous

    It sure beats the slogan that they had a few years ago: “Wander Indiana” even our usually friendly neighbors to north (Michigan) had to jump in, they erected billboards around Indiana that read; When your through wandering come to Michigan.

  • Ed

    Dammit! I did that again. It sure is hell being old. Your memory is the second thing to go! (Don’t ask)

  • MT

    oh god. I just saw my first Restart your Engines ad … and it was for a cavern, not car racing. LOL!

  • How or why does one restart one’s engine in a cavern? I’m curious to hear how one turns it into a positive message in this setting.

  • Being in a cave can be relaxing and refreshing; thus, the “restart your engines” tag may apply.

    But holidays and vacations are- by definition- a time for rest and recreation. Theoretically, one can “restart their engines” in any US state or Canadian province. In that light, the marketing slogan fails to highlight the unique attributes of the Hoosier state.