April 2021


Currently, I am the polar opposite of Peter Gibbons.

It happens to me quite often, of late: I am somewhere. Let’s say the Turkish Supermarket, Monday evening at 7:30, and I suddenly realize that I have never before been happier in my life.

And in truth this spontaneous joy is happening to me surprisingly often of late.

This stands in stark contrast to Peter Gibbons who has quite the opposite problem – that every day is a little bit worse than the day before and thus, today is the worst day of his life.

Right now I feel like I’m on top of the world – I have a fantastic job where I get to work in a variety of fascinating and fun topics while getting to meet a variety of interesting and diverse people from around the world. When I leave the office I go to the gym – every other day (generally speaking) where I work out surrounded by eye-candy, and while I haven’t yet made many visible changes I know that I am improving.

Beyond that, I can only think of one downer in my Berlin life – the impending return to the States of friends – and even then, while I am sad at the prospect of their imminent departure, I am thrilled for them in the long run and even happier at the prospect of visiting them in their new left-coast home.

So although the first quarter of 2011 were incredibly stressful, in multiple ways and on multiple fronts, for some reason I’ve found myself floating throughout the second of quarter – each day a bit better than the day before with the result that today is the best day of my life.

And tomorrow I will still be able to make the same statement.

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