September 2021


Revisiting History, Part 1

As I was looking back at Jesus’ General, I thought about some of the letters I’ve written to public figures in the past few months, and immediately thought of the one I wrote in February to the various FCC Commissioners:

– – –

Dear Commissioner X,

I want to express my dismay at the fact you are upset with CBS for airing of Janet Jackson’s breast during the Super Bowl last Sunday.

Since I am gay, I can confidently state that I didn’t really want to see Janet Jackson’s big ole nasty tit. I would much rather have had her reach down and pull Justin Timberlake’s pants off so that we could all finally see what took Brittany Spears’ virginity.

That said, I didn’t get my wish, but a lot of hetero-men did get their wish, and I don’t see what all the fuss is about. Naked people happen. Sometimes even on TV.

Honestly, I would understand the fuss if Miss Jackson and Mr. Timberlake had engaged in full nudity and had sexual intercourse during the Super Bowl, but that did not happen. Rather Mr. Timberlake engaged in a normal hetero-action of grabbing a girls tit and pulling off her bra! And the girl was wearing a decoration to cover up her tit — so it wasn’t that titillating when you get right down to it.

I hope you won’t waste your time and the country’s time pursuing this silly issue. I’m sure there are more important matters facing the FCC that could use your time, such as figuring out why telemarketers keep calling us at home at night to sell us useless trash or beg money for dubious charities.


Adam Lederer

– – –

I dunno about you, but I am getting annoyed with the FCC Commissioners… they are not intelligent people and they take the complaints of the Religious Right too seriously.

Follow-up: I was disappointed when my letter did not appear on The Smoking Gun.

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  • Chris C

    That about sums it up. Do we really need to see what took Brittney Spears’ virginity? Oh wait, I’m feeding the trolls from the religious right again, sorry.