January 2022


Revisiting History, Part 2

So after I posted the letter about Janet Jackson’s boob, I was reminded by a friend that last week I wrote a letter to the coaches at Pleasantville Middle School in New Jersey. As you might recall, one of the coaches issues a Cry-Baby Award (registration required) to one of the basketball players. I was impressed by coach’s action and I wrote the following letter.

– – –

Dear Coaches,

I want to thank you for your recent award to the crybaby of a young man.

Our society is too lenient and soft on these kids that lack the balls to take it like the men they are supposed to be. I strongly believe in strong discipline and public embarrassment for wimps. Our society has fallen far from the days of public stockades-locations where community punishment and shame could be inflicted thus teaching a strong lesson. I believe that schools need to be on the vanguard of reeducating our youth-the adults in charge of schools pave the way for society.

I also believe that we need to reintroduce corporal punishment in our schools, as young men and women need firm hands in education. I am aware of schools in Louisiana that still spank students who misbehave-even at the high school level. Perhaps you can encourage the return of spanking to schools in New Jersey.

I also believe that we need to have prayer in school-another lost value. Perhaps your students can find the way to praise Our Savior Jesus Christ before each game, and punish those that do not.

At any rate, I hope the school board doesn’t punish you, but treats you like the adult heroes that you are.

You really are a symbol of everything that’s right with George W. Bush’s America.


Adam Lederer

– – –

Status: no response.

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