January 2022


Graffiti by d°poL

d°pol III

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Like many cities, Weimar shows the scars of having graffiti artists who use the city walls as their personal canvases.

With the usual resulting ugliness.

Now, without condoning graffiti, I want to comment upon one of Weimar’s better graffiti artists, one who tags his (presumptuous I know, but I’m willing to bet that well over half of graffiti artists are male) work as d°poL.

I first really noticed the work when I took the a photo of what appeared to be Aladdin rising out of his lamp on a wall near Café Laden. It wasn’t until I got home and posted the picture to Flickr that I realized that it had a very clear and distinctive tag: d°poL.

That was all it took for me to start noticing the work around town. The work is not free form graffiti, rather it appears to be stenciled work that is well thought out.

So yesterday, on May Day, I headed out in to downtown Weimar looking for more examples of the work. That’s when I discovered that Weimar celebrates Labor Day by having a large Flea Market—which distracted me for a period of time.

Once I had enough of large crowds, I headed for the back streets and high densities of d°poL graffiti, which I found in ample amounts. You can see more examples of the artist’s graffiti by visiting to my new Flickr d°poL gallery.

Usually I only notice one example of his work in a given week, but since my goal was to find and photograph his work, I found quite a bit of his work—20 examples in about an hour of serious wandering. This was a bit of a surprise—I hadn’t thought of d°poL as prolific, yet the his red rose, fire extinguisher, and other shapes appeared multiple times.

I suppose stencils are difficult to create and one feels like using them more than once.

Another surprise, at least for me, was the number of stencil-based graffiti artist I saw around town—some signed by an artist CWR, and others that were anonymous. Some of it was visually creative and cute. Among the unsigned works, I only found one that I suspect was done by d°poL: a very nice tribute to September 11, 2001.

And although I really dislike graffiti as I find most of it to be incomprehensible and ugly, d°poL’s work seems to have struck a cord with me.

4 comments to Graffiti by d°poL

  • B.

    I wonder how much d°poL would charge to paint a mural on my daughter’s wall?

    Glad to hear your graffiti is, at times, decent… the stuff around here is total crap, with an occasional jellyfish and/or ghost thrown in just to mix it up. It’s looney.

  • ChrisC

    I’m particularly fond of works by El Barto.

  • we have them all over atlanta i always wonder why them guys who do it dont use it 2 make money.

  • Jena has some professional graffiti artists who decorate the music club near my office, and redocrate with alarming regularity.

    I wish I could meet d°poL, but I suspect he flies under the radar.