September 2021


A Tale of Two Films: One Good Bad and One Bad Bad.

My last evening in Indianapolis was with friends and two movies: You Should Meet My Son! And MILF.

The first I found on Amazon.com by pure chance, and after watching the trailer, I decided to buy. The second was streamed over Netflix, and was listed both as a comedy and a drama.

You Should Meet My Son! is a cute film featuring two clueless relatives who cannot tell that their son is gay and that his roommate is more than just a roommate—until they find out, and then they accept.

Honestly, it’s not the most well acted movie ever and there are some huge gaps in the plot that just do not make sense, but that’s beside the point. The story and the characters are over the top and the movie comical. Plenty of stereotypes are fulfilled and exploited. However the stereotypes do not end where they typically end and characters who could easily have slipped into typical storylines didn’t – which was nice.

The story, unusually for a gay film, was told from the perspective of the gay guy’s Mom as she came to grips with what was going on and wanting to ensure that her son found the perfect man. I’ll be rewatching this film – at least twice as there are audio commentary tracks that look really promising.

After the movie was over, I was unwisely given the remote and I picked a movie entitled MILF – based on the description I expected a cruder, ruder, and more disgusting version of American Pie.

Now that I think about it, that’s exactly what I got.

Honestly, I didn’t expect to see naked topless women in the film – and some of the actors appeared to be a hell of a lot older than the characters they were supposed to be portraying.

The best moment in the film was when a peephole into a neighboring dorm room was misused with an unfortunate result. I’d say more but revealing the details might be too disgusting.

If one is given an opportunity to see this film, don’t bother.

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