July 2021


Alive in the Netherlands!


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I am happy to report that RealMT and I are both alive in the Netherlands. We had an excellent time in Prague and then, catching an early flight, flew to Amsterdam Saturday morning.

Today we were forced, due to a lack of luggage storage lockers at the Amsterdam Centraal Station, to pick up our rental car a few hours early–which ended up being great because it meant that MT and I could head to the Kinderdijk, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was a happy accident for MT was able to see stuff that is directly related to her research interests.

Funny enough, neither one of us spotted the windmills until the last second–we were looking on the wrong side of the road, and in retrospect, we should have identified our error much earlier!

The two blog entries below were written earlier, but I could not post them until just now.

Timely posts will return later today or tomorrow!

4 comments to Alive in the Netherlands!

  • I hope yourself and RealMT had better luck with your rental vehicle that myself and FauxMT did.

  • lovely photo of the windmill! it looks like its been framed by the cave your in or tunnel.

  • satori

    regarding a november blog about park hill elementary…
    I was feeling nostalgic about going to park hill elem. in the seventies and really enjoyed reading about your experience. thank you.

  • Charles, the photo is actually taken in the upper levels of one of the windmills–there is a row of really small windows (holes in the wall is a better discription actually) — I stuck my camera about halfway into one and took the shot that came out… I think it looks like a painting!