September 2021


HeteroAdam II: Ik heb een lekke band.

Troublesome Tire

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A few years back, ironically enough, when I was on a trip with MT, I had a very heteroAdam moment.

It was one of those moments when I accomplished something that no fag in their right mind should be able to accomplish: MT and I were camping somewhere in Tennessee, and I managed start our campfire on the first try.

I had never started a camp fire before in my life, and this was even more impressive when you realize we had (I kid you not) one match.

It is still one of my greatest personal accomplishments.

So today MT and I were driving our Ford Focus C-Max in Monster, Netherlands, when I hit something in the road (please, don’t ask), and the tire rapidly deflated.

10 minutes before our tour at the Maeslantkering.

So I am proud to announce that I went from never having changed a tire in my life to having found the spare, found the jack, figure out how to get the jack out of the trunk, where to put it on the car, raised the car, removed the nuts, took off the wheel, put on the spare, tightened the nuts, lower the car, and start driving again in… ten minutes. I was very proud of the HeteroAdam in me that accomplished this task so quickly.

We got to the site only 15 minutes late and had a fantastic tour—a tour that I will leave up to MT to describe since it was her baby.

After that was over we found a Ford Dealer (who was on lunch and told us to wait 30 minutes before discussing our problems) and got the tire replaced before heading out to several remote parts of The Netherlands. The car was good to us.

Until we got back to the hotel. The hotel has six parking spaces and we were forced to park in the last one, and I failed. After about 10 minutes, the hotel receptionist came out and parked the car for me.

MT says she couldn’t have parked it either.

5 comments to HeteroAdam II: Ik heb een lekke band.

  • hey, good for you and your hetero moment! i’m sorry i haven’t been checking your diary like i should…tsk tsk.

    your note gave me an idear…perhaps you should sabotage tom cruise’s limo and give it a flat. help him fix it and tell him instead of paying you he could do you another favor.

  • mt

    There is simply no way that my Focus would have fit in that spot. Maybe the Echo, if we greased it … but not the Focus. Phew!

  • i am so proud of you dear! I havent even done campfire as well but will try soon since the Norwegians loves camping. Then I couldnt even park a car even if my life depends on it. lol

  • koko

    hooray! you’re my hero 🙂 xo

  • B.

    Hmmm, I bought a pair of birkenstocks the other day… now I’m wondering if I should call that my lesbo-b. moment?