May 2020


Eurovision 2006: Klingons Win!

Note: This was written while voting for Eurovision was in progress, and the follow-up, so it may seem to be a bit disjointed.

This year I decided against traveling anywhere to watch Eurovision with a group. Leipzig is starting its Gay Pride Week (err… Christopher Street Days) with a Eurovision Party, but I couldn’t work up the enthusiasm to take the hour long train ride out there, which would have, unfortunately required staying overnight and probably a hotel room (When I stay out overnight, I tend to try and have a quiet relaxing afternoon to compensate).

This turned out to be wise because this afternoon, about the time I would have been leaving, the heavens opened up and it rained cats and dogs—or as it is want to do auf Deutsch, “regnet junge hunde…” (rain young dogs, e.g. “rain puppies.”)

So I uncorked a bottle of wine, sat down in my living room and have, for only the second time, intentionally watched German television in the flat.

The first time was Thursday for the preliminary round of the contest.

Thursday I was pleased, for the most part, with the ten countries that made it through to the finals: None of the really weak entries got through, and, most importantly, my personal favorite, LT United representing Lithuania—the performance of “We are the Champions” did really well.

Tonight’s performances started out with a string of below average songs including my favorite for “nul point,” Spain.

I didn’t think the contest really took off until Malta took the stage. Malta has the honour of having this year’s most attractive singer—I’d sleep with him in an instant.

Germany’s live performance was really good: the country twang worked and I can see them placing in the top ten. Russia replicated their amazing semi-final performance, complete with a body emerging from a piano: very slick and amazing. Romania’s song was much better live than I remember it being on the CD—high energy and high impact, it made me want to dance. Lithuania should also do well based on their performance. The United Kingdom’s performance was terrible—much worse than the CD version. Finland’s Hard Rock Hallelujah should do well overall, but it won’t win. Sweden’s entry was incredibly dynamic and could easily win (and has been predicted to do so).

For those of you who’ve lost count and need a reminder, my top three favorites this year were Sweden, Malta, and Lithuania.

Random Factoid: The last of the ten semi-final countries to make it through to Saturday’s contest was Armenia. And for those of you who care, Armenia is also on my very short list of places to visit in the fall.

As the votes come in:Andorra has bad taste: 12 points for Spain. Portugal gave zero points to Spain, they obviously didn’t want to reward their Iberian neighbor’s horrible song. Belgium gave its 12 points to Armenia?! That seems odd.

Incredible, Malta has zero points so far. Maybe he sung off key or something.

There is unnecessary and amusing flirting between the male announcer from the Netherlands and the male host in Greece. A phone number was exchanged live on international television.

Wow… Finland seems to be running away with victory right now, but there are 20ish countries left to vote.

Germany gives 8 to Greece, 10 to Finland, and 12 to Turkey.

Oh god, my TV’s sound must be off: Malta still has zero points. I have bad taste.

Albania gives Malta ONE point. No country has nul point, but Malta is probably cemented into last place.

Finland wins, Malta in last, Israel next to last, and France third from last. Armenia finished in the top ten (I believe)–perhpas a sign to visit?!

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