June 2021


Having a guest is keeping me busy…

For the last two weeks (well, since returning from #WEBMU), I’ve been thrilled to host my friend Koko.

Unfortunately she’s returning to the States Sunday morning (departing on an ungodly early flight from Berlin), and I’ve been trying to make the most of my time with her, while keeping up with work and going to the gym.

I’m not entirely sure that I have done that well with her and going to the gym – work has been going along at the normal pace – which is to say steady but not overwhelming. Right now I have the privilege of editing something extra interesting. I’d say more, but it’s work and I never talk explicitly about work.

On the gym front – just to make a quick note there – I’m please to say that when I have my cardio-only days, that 35 minutes of spinning no longer kills me. In fact, I can do it. I’m slowly increasing the amount of time, and while it doesn’t sound like a huge increase, I am now up to 38 minutes.

As for Koko, she’s… Koko. Her mother is German, as in a citizen, although she’s American. She took three days out of Berlin to visit her relatives down in Bavaria and get her fill of Oma, Opa, Onkle, Tante, and the rest. From what I gather, her family does not want her to starve. She returned from Bavaria with the entire contents of a supermarket stuffed into her two carry on bags (save for the liquids, but had she checked a suitcase for the 37 minute flight, I suspect there would have been lots of liquids in there.

I don’t want to speak for her as to what the highlight of the trip was, but it was either the very different tour of Berlin, where we heard and navigated Berlin as if we were blind, or, perhaps, when some drunk pissed his pants, dropped his bottle of booze, and was kicked off of the bus while she was on her way back to my apartment.

These are not, of course, your typical Berlin tourist experiences, but rather experiences one can have when staying with me.

Oh wait, now that I think about it, I bet the pissed pants is an average Berlin experience.

Score 1 for being a good host!

1 comment to Having a guest is keeping me busy…

  • koko

    I believe your cardio has improved since touring with me…since apparently I’m an amazingly fast walker. 🙂 There were so many things I liked on my visit…food, people, activities were all wonderful.

    Yes my family sent me off properly. If I had checked baggage I would have been given knives (German knives are apparently superior to American knives), mustard, beer, and all sorts of other things. It did disappoint them some that I didn’t have more space. 🙂

    And the pissing bum, he also hit the driver. That was exciting. But from my last interaction with a homeless man, I’ve learned to not intervene.