August 2022


In your closet, what way…

I just put away my dry laundry, and when I hang my shirts in my wardrobe, I face my shirts to the right.

Which way do you face your shirts?

11 comments to In your closet, what way…

  • Prashanth

    well…I face them down! 🙂 …I need to change my “Kleiderschrank” soon.

  • I had to go check! 7 facing left and 2 facing right.
    Everything else is folded because our closet is kind of small.

  • Prashanth – down?

    CN Heidelberg – Maybe I am the only person who cares and carefully points them right. I even have all wooden hangers!

  • After being forced to make everything in the closet neat and tidy while I was in the military, I no longer pay that much attention to how things end up facing in the closet. All I know is that all my stuff, like yours, is on wooden hangars.

  • Michele J

    Left, same as our coats. Right would bother me asthetically.

    But what about your toilet paper orientation? Over or under?

  • I agree with Michele: Definitely left (shirts, jackets, dresses, coats, the lot!). As for the toilet paper, over. 🙂

  • Cynical Queer – Did the army just want it to be neat and tidy, or did everybody’s uniforms face the same direction?

    Michele J – I won’t let you look at my wardrobe — and as for the toilet paper, over the top. I was pondering posting about that as well, but after I wondered about it, I can honestly say, I don’t recall ever having seen toilet paper any other way in Germany!

    Emily – I must be a distinct minority — and, actually, I had twist the hooks on the wooden hangers to get them to face the right direction (at least, my right direction)… at least we agree on the TP!

  • Um, most of the time they are in a huge pile on the floor. I give each one the ol’ sniff test to see if it is wearable.

  • Mateo

    All mine face to the left. It’s funny that people can be so picky about such a thing.

  • Mine all face to the left, my significant other’s to the right. As for the toilet paper – under. 🙂

  • pseudowife

    to the right! I also am particular about hangers: like the same color and same style.