July 2022


Fort Wayne, Indiana

Two years ago I first traveled to Fort Wayne, Indiana, in order to meet my father and attend a baseball game. We met in Fort Wayne because it is a convenient stopping point for my father as he drives from his home in Denver to upstate New York-we have met four summers in a row having been rained out in South Bend, and not in Richmond, Indiana, and Fort Wayne.

This year I popped up to Fort Wayne a day early in order to hang out with my friend Kevin, see his new place, and do whatever there is to do in Fort Wayne. Due to blind dumb random luck I passed through Fort Wayne the day of the Fort Wayne Pride Festival.

I’d warned my friend Matt that I would be attending the pride festival up there and he was disbelieving-I’m not sure if he was disbelieving of the fact that I would go, or that Fort Wayne had a pride festival. At any rate I expected to meet all 15 queers in the city. Much to my surprise there were more than 15 people at pride-and according to the program we were provided after paying our $2 admission fee, the organizers were expecting 2,000 in attendance this year.

We didn’t really see that much, we got there too late: the booths were shutting down and the drag queens were getting on the stage for the evening performance. The hostess of pride was a former Miss Gay Indiana University and Fort Wayne DJ Della Licious . The was the only queen I recognize (not surprisingly), and since I’d recently had my fill of drag and Kevin’s not really into drag we moved on.

After wandering Borders and the video store (see photolog | adult!), we ended up at a local pub where we drank a pitcher of beer before heading home and to bed.

Sunday, Father’s Day, my father arrived in Fort Wayne unbelievably early-so I parted ways with Kevin and joined my father for lunch, the Fort Wayne Wizards Game, dinner, and a couple rounds of Putt-Putt Mini-Golf. Fathers played free at Putt-Putt, thus cutting our cost in half.

The Wizard’s game was nice – it was a 2:00 game time (err? 14:00 for the Europeans), and the temperature was pleasant-a nice change from Friday when it was boiling hot outside. The gentleman sitting to our right managed to win Baseball Bingo, although considering the rules of baseball bingo he ended up hoping that some of the home team’s players stuck out, flew out, or were hit by a pitch. Only one of those three is really good, although not for the player involved. I believe the only real consequence of game attendance for me is that my face and neck are now sunburned-I hadn’ really noticed it until I started taking a shower this morning. Oooops.

Father beat me at both rounds of Putt-Putt, which was only appropriate considering it was Father’s Day, and we ended up going to bed at the late hour of 9pm. He woke up and left this morning at 4; whilst I took the more leisurely departure time of 5am.

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