August 2022


Three weeks from today… my next houseguests arrive.

One of the great things about Berlin versus Weimar is that it is a whole lot easier to convince people to visit me here in Berlin than it ever was in Weimar.

In three weeks, my next guests arrive, joining me for Christmas and New Year’s – we even, already, have a plan for New Year’s Eve!

One of the consequences of this constant visitation is that whenever somebody comes, I deep clean another part of the house. Right now I’ve just finished dusting parts of my living room that I haven’t dusted for, uh… um… err… a long time. Unless Koko, my last houseguest, was looking under the couch, she probably didn’t see the worst parts of the living room.

Unfortunately she probably could see the dust-lions in the hallway – and my next plan of action is to, basically, empty the hallway and thoroughly dust, vacuum, and clean it.

Once that’s done, I’ll be ready for my next guests.

All I have to do is motivate myself to do this in the next three weeks…

3 comments to Three weeks from today… my next houseguests arrive.

  • Ah, but what those who didn’t visit you in Weimar have missed! A beautiful top-floor apartment in a city with a lot more to see than you’d think at first. Not to mention a couple of nights out with Adam.

  • I enjoyed Weimar. It was a much different experience of Europe than I had been exposed to previously. I like the walkable small town feel and I wasn’t constantly fighting for space to walk down the sidewalk (the open air market day excluded).

  • pseudowife

    Ahhh! I am going to have everything in Tucson deep cleaned by your visit:) Make it quick so I don’t have to keep deep cleaning:) lol. Can. not. wait (for our visit and your eventual visit)!!! ( I am sure my over use of exclamation marks irks you but I cannot resist the urge)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!