May 2021


Budget Car Rental gave me 10% Off! … Not!

After renting my cars last September with Budget, I was happy with the service, and so when Budget Deutschland sent me a survey, I replied that I was quite happy with the service and that I would use them again – and, for participating in the survey, Budget sent me an e-coupon worth 10% off any prepaid rates.

So when it came time for me to reserve cars for my upcoming trip, I immediately thought of Budget and of my 10% off coupon.

And, being somewhat savvy, I thought to try searching car rental prices as if I were using my 10% off coupon and as if I were not.

Good thing!

First up are the results from when I searched Budget.DE without the coupon: The car cost 327.60€ if I pay when I rent the car or 311.22€ if I paid right now, a whopping savings of 16.38€! Sweet!

Results from Budget dot DE without a coupon

Then I searched Budget.DE using the 10% off e-coupon link sent to me via email:

Budget dot DE results with coupon applied

Huge, Huge! Savings!

Strange: the result is 317.60€ — the theoretical 10% off price – and it happens to be the exact same price as the pay later price when searching Budget.DE without an e-coupon, and 16.38€ more than if I used the normal Budget.DE’s pay now price.

Glad I searched both ways – and, yes, I am still going to use Budget on this trip.

2 comments to Budget Car Rental gave me 10% Off! … Not!

  • All very confusing. A lot of times a coupon says that it can’t be used in combination with other offers, so you don’t get 10% off the 10% reduced price, it seems. Or did I read that wrong?

    I was on the Bludge-it site just last night looking for a car in the north of England for an upcoming trip this Spring.

    The Pay Now price was a full 10% off.

    • I should have gotten 10% off something — but the 10% off price was the same as the normal pay later price, and more expensive than the normal pay now price.

      Really my least favorite part of travel planning are car reservations. I can think about plane tickets, plan hotels, and the lot, but when it comes time to pick cars, I get lost in the fine print and want to cry.