September 2021


I cannot stop reading the train wrecks.

I have a confession to make: I find myself unable to stop reading three blogs.

Two of the three blogs are written by American expatriates living in Europe. I won’t specify these two, other than to say that one is somebody who appears to hate everything about where they live. Oh wait, that describes both of the bloggers.

The third blog is the, surely infamous, Thinking Housewife.

There is so much about this blog that is wrong and there are times that I would swear that it is satire about conservatives, and then there are times that I am convinced that the author is sincere in what she writes and is, therefore, certifiably insane.

Take, for example, her post, “Indiana Offers License Plate with Gay Youth Message“, about the Indiana Youth Group and its successful effort to get a specialty license plate issue in order to help fund its efforts at assisting queer youth in Indiana:

This would be shocking in California or Massachussetts (sic), but in Indiana, it blows the mind. Homosexual activism grows more and more bullying by the day.

I put this on Facebook and got some interesting responses – not necessarily on what the Thinking Housewife’s insanity, but more about me: “you are stronger than I for your ability to actually read that stuff,” said one person (I’ll be happy to identify the authors of these comments in this public venue if (and only if) they give me permission.), while another told me, “That woman is toxic. Stop reading her!!!!”

But I digress – what I particularly enjoy about the Thinking Housewife are all the incredibly racist and ignorant things that she and her fans have to say.

In talking about the sinking of Costa Concordia last weekend off of Italy, she addresses the startling issue of, “Are Italian Crews Reliable?” She posts the comments of man, who notes that his Father, who fought in World War II had this to say about what ship crews were best:

…what was most important was a crew that would stay calm and professional in an emergency, forget about the entertainment and food and amenities. Only a few nationalities qualified in his estimation as producing competent seamen: he named British, Americans, Scandinavians, Dutch, and Germans as being the best crews to be under in a maritime emergency.

It’s nice to know that because I’m an American, I could be a competent seaman – plus I’m (essentially) 50% German. Unfortunately for me the other 50% is Italian:

Father warned our neighbor about, how can I put this delicately?—I guess I can’t—Mediterranean peoples: Italians, Spanish, Greeks (and I would guess Arabs and North Africans fit this bill, as well), because they tend to be excitable and unreliable in an emergency. (Perhaps the best lovers don’t make the best sailors!)

Ooops, Guess I’m excitable and unreliable in an emergency, plus I’m a crappy lover!

What’s more amazing is the fascinating racist and ignorant comments made about Filipinos:

Father didn’t know much about them but thought they would fall under the excitable rubric (and if nothing else, they do not have a tradition of seafaring).

No tradition of seafaring? I didn’t realize that the Philippians is landlocked and that no Filipino has ever been on a boat.

Meanwhile, when I saw the headline, “When Dad is a Masturbator,” I expected a somewhat demented rant about fathers who engage in self-abuse instead of pleasuring their wives. Instead it’s a peculiar rant against sperm donors.

The U.S. government is seeking to fine Trent Arsenault because he refused to take the mandated health tests, not because he was involved in child abuse. It is otherwise legal in the United States to father children in this barbaric and inhumane way. Arsenault claims to be helping out “childless” couples. These couples are “childless” by choice.

Ah, I wonder what it must be like to be worried about other people’s lives in such great detail.

The Thinking Housewife also believes that women should be, well, housewives and that women certainly do not belong in the army, as when she blames the victim in, “How Can a Woman Defend Others When She Can’t Defend Herself?

I’d expand on this here, but there’s no way for me to capture my disgust with the discussion.

However, I will close my amazement out with this tidbit about women and having them in the cockpit:

A society that encourages women to become commercial pilots will necessarily devalue what most women do well and seriously disregard the interests of the young and the most vulnerable.

8 comments to I cannot stop reading the train wrecks.

  • You just can’t trust those beady-eyed Italians. 😉

  • Whenever I run across a blog like that I think about posting something like this, but unfortunately all you’re doing with those links is boosting their search engine ranking. They’re better off just being ignored, no matter how tempting it is to blast them.

  • haha, you can identify me as the weak one. I can’t read hatey stuff, it just gives me a bad attitude. I can do that on my own just by waiting too long to eat lunch. 😉

  • Cynical Queer – Absolutely not.

    ian in hamburg, Christiana – Enough other people have linked to the Thinking Housewife that my contribution doesn’t matter. That said, I understand your position.

    CN Heidelberg – I can’t be bothered to get upset about his woman — it’s so pathetic that it’s just sad. And accidentally hilarious.

  • MT

    As for excitable peoples: I am Irish and Italian and I have a hot temper. That doesn’t mean I’d bail in an emergency. Or maybe I would: after all, I have also have a vagina. And you know, vagina = hysteria! Can’t fly a plane, shouldn’t vote. WTF? She’s a crazy, toxic bigot. I don’t have the time or patience to deal with fools like that.

  • Di

    AND then she has a DONATE BUTTON on her site!?!?!?! WHO WOULD???????
    Are we sure this is not all written by a women hating male? It seems inconceivable to me that a woman WROTE this sexist stuff!

  • MT – I cannot take her seriously, but its nice to read this swill so that I know what these people are “thinking”….

    Di – I can imagine it, but I hate to imagine what her upbringing was like.