June 2022


18:00 CET: Changing laundry loads

In retrospect, today’s photo was bound to happen, sometime – I just hadn’t quite expected it to be today.

The towels are about to come out and the dirty clothes to go in.

Washing Machine, Doing Laundry

Basically I do clothing laundry roughly twice a week, usually right after every other trip to the gym, when I have two sets of disgusting workout clothing in the hamper – and today is one of those days. I also wash (and dry) my towels once a week – and the fate’s fickle finger pointed at today.

I picked up a new habit while my friends were visiting me over the holidays – and that is to come home before going to the gym and starting the towels.

Towels are the only thing that I regularly both wash and dry, and the machine takes just under four hours to accomplish this task, including 95 minutes of drying – the rest is washing and some 15 minutes of random drum turning once the machine has finished drying. This is perfect timing for trips to the gym, as I tend to get home shortly after the machine has finished its complete dance.

I might note that you should be grateful that this is actually the washing machine – had I been running even further behind, you could have gotten me in the gym locker room.

6 comments to 18:00 CET: Changing laundry loads

  • J

    I never understood why doing a load of laundry took so long in Germany. My washer here takes 50 minutes and dryer takes about 40.

  • I’m glad you were not running too far behind so we were spared seeing the “full Adam.”

  • Mateo

    I doubt it would be a good idea to take a picture in the locker room anyway. 🙂

  • MT

    Today was my 1950s housewife day: grocery shopping, a casserole with cream of mushroom soup, and … laundry. My washer’s not as versitile as yours, but these days it’s so damp that my stand-alone dryer takes two rounds to get things, ummm, undamp.

  • J – The speed of machines in the US constantly surprise me. I wonder how clean clothes are over there — plus, since the machines are smaller here, it’s hard to do a lot here. Lots of laundry thoughts 🙂

    Cynical Queer – I think you want to see the full Adam.

    Mateo – MT’s right — it depends what I pointed the camera at, and let me tell you, there are somethings I wish I could take snapshots of!

    MT – “undamp”? that sounds unpleasant.