July 2022


18:00 CET – 10:00 and visiting my father’s auto mechanic.

Elevated Kia

There’s an auto repair shop in Denver whose service was so fantastic and honest that my father became a long-standing client – and he became friends with the owner. It was the kind of relationship that evolved into to the two of them taking trips together including to watch Colorado Rockies spring training games in Arizona several times.

If I owned a car, and I lived in Denver, I would go to Ace Auto Repair.

But I don’t, but when I visit Denver I usually come loaded down with chocolates from Germany, and I brought a box of Ritter Sport snack-sized chocolates for everybody there.

Coming to Denver brings back a lot of memories – and usually I have lunch with the owner – but Monday I met a couple of friends from high school for lunch down in the Denver Tech Center – it was, in fact, the second time on this trip that I’d travelled that direction, a direction I rarely travel.

It was a bit shocking to realize, as we sat down, that this spring is the 20th year since graduation. I suppose that there’s going to be some kind of reunion, but happily I don’t seem to be on the distribution list and have never received information about events involving my class and my high school.

Lunch was fantastic – my high school friends are genuinely fantastic people, and getting this brief snapshot of their lives today was enjoyable. I will certainly endeavor to see them again, the next time I am in Denver.

Meanwhile Tuesday I head north.

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