May 2020


Reflecting on my trip: highlights and lowlights

I’ve been back from the States for over a week and while I’ve covered a lot of the trip here, already, there’s still quite a bit left to go, which may never make it on here because… well, as time passes, I have more to blog about.

Clearly my favorite activity over the entire trip was going to see Book of Mormon – talk about earworms – I still love it, and I still want to see it again. I’m making plans to go see it in London next February as a birthday present to myself.

Beyond that, my second favorite thing was something I did, but didn’t really talk about: I kept up my personal pledge to make it better for the University of Wyoming’s Rainbow Resource Center. I pledged last October to contribute at least $100/100€ (whichever is more) each year – and I exceeded that amount by a significant amount – roughly $1,500. (For reasons too complicated to explain here, I do not actually know the actual amount yet. I hope to know in the near future.)

I had a choice facing me when I made the decision as to where to direct my dollars – and I picked the University of Wyoming because it has the greatest need in relation to all the other places that I am affiliated with. Wyoming isn’t the gay-friendliest place on the planet and my donations can have the greatest impact there.

At the worst end of the spectrum was the stress – although the trip was vacation from the perspective of work, for me the first two weeks had a lot of stress. I was taking care of personal business, which involved a lot of meetings. Happily the TravelingPhD was there to join me at one of the meetings – after which the stress melted away and I headed for New York City.

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