September 2021


Berlin’s hip to fusion cooking: Korean Tacos!

After getting word that this weekend I’d be able to try Korean Tacos by Fräulein Kimchi, I rounded up a colleague and her plus one, convincing them to meet me at Chaparro in Kreuzberg for the momentous occasion.

Korean Tacos

Pictured above is my entrée: Chicken Korean Tacos. Also served were the Chicken Korean Burrito, and the Chicken Korean Quesadilla.

While I like the idea conceptually – and the flavors for mine were good – the experience was not great. Each entrée was 6€ — and the only one that could be remotely called a good value was the Chicken Korean Burrito, which was vaguely substantial. I ate my three tacos in about 6 bites. The rice, as a side, was a bit strange – I assumed I was supposed to top my tacos with it – but there was far too much rice for the smallness of my tacos. The Chipotle salsa was, at least to my mouth, pleasant.

Happily we’d ordered guacamole and chips, and through some accident in the kitchen we got two orders of this – had we not had two orders of the appetizer, I would have left hungry.

Overall, it was a disappointment – I’ll happily try Korean Tacos again, just not made by Fräulein Kimchi.

6 comments to Berlin’s hip to fusion cooking: Korean Tacos!

  • If you’re ever through Chicago: Del Seoul. YUM.

  • foodie

    could not disagree more with this review- we hot the kimchi cheese quesadillas w Korean sauce, beef borrito w/ mango salsa, tamarind margaritas and panna cotta – our mouths were exploding from the marvelous complex flavor combinations
    The guacamole and nachos was delicious and all the food portions plentiful- this reviewers experience was nothing like ours- we will gladly follow fraulein kimchi whatever she will turn up!!!

  • Hillymika

    Having been to one of Frl. Kimchi’s cooking sessions before, I knew I was in for a treat and was not disappointed this time, either: Had the Quesadillas with the Mango sauce – delicious! The sauce was smoothly spicy and a wonderful counterpart to the quesadillas. A small salad of lettuce & finely chopped tomato complemented well. The panacotta with with a mixture of berries and coconut was a novel flavour and satisfying combination. I look forward to Frl. Kimchi’s next venture!

  • F. Kimchi

    sorry you were disappointed Adam. I was only a guest chef so I didn’t have control over the restaurant’s portioning or the normal sides they serve with their tacos (aside from the sauces), but glad you at least enjoyed the flavors. Considering that everything from the sauces, salsa, marinades, kimchi, down to the tortillas were all hand-made by Raul and myself, I think his prices were fair. Importing Korean & Mexican ingredients to Germany are definitely not as cheap as in the US.

  • humphrey

    adam-i guess everyone has different expectations….hand made, fresh food with imported ingredients – an amazing deal at €6. plus the size of my chicken burrito was more than ample, much bigger than what you get at dolores, for example, and the quality much higher. i’d recommend frauelein kimchi and chaparro to anyone.

  • CN Heidelberg – Thanks for the tip!

    foodie – I see that you ordered the quesadillas and not the tacos — the quesadillas were bigger than the tacos — and I might note that essentially I liked the flavors, just not the value.

    Hillymika – I never said the food tasted bad.

    F. Kimchi – I realize that importing the goods is expensive, but there was something off in the value proposition. I could have fit my three tacos into the the chicken burrito, and then added three more tacos, and maybe had something equal in portion size. I feel that €6 for my tacos was too much. Had I paid €4, I would have been content.

    humphrey – I see that you wisely ordered the burrito and not the tacos. As I noted, it was remotely a good value and probably worth 6€. Unfortunately I paid 6€ for what you see in the above photo. Two days later I am still somewhat underwhelmed by my meal, even if the flavors were excellent.