October 2020


Well now, that was Fucking Different XXX!

A week ago Sunday, I went on an adventure with a friend to an all-you-can-eat cake buffet at Hudson’s Bakery over in Kreuzburg (Quick Review: 8€, includes tea, great cake, do it).

Between the U-Bahn Station and the bakery, we passed a movie theater that I’d never heard of, Moviemento – and in its front display was a gigantic poster featuring Fucking Different XXX – complete with obviously naked women figures holding hands and obviously naked male figures holding hands – 8 short films, including one by Bruce LaBruce.

Immediately I decided that I must go see this film.

I first became familiar with Bruce LaBruce when I bought and watched his film Hustler White – a film about hustlers in California. It was a brutally blunt film, and one that I can still remember to this day – even though I gave up my copy when I moved to Germany – I had it on VHS-NTSC, something that doesn’t translate well to VHS PAL systems.

While I’ve wanted to see more of his films, they haven’t crossed my path, although one of my regular readers is a huge fan of Bruce LaBruce (perhaps because he is Canadian).

With this in mind, I headed to the movie theater this afternoon for the 2pm showing of Fucking Different XXX — do note that the following preview is not safe for work:

Each of the 8 shorts was directed by somebody gay or lesbian, who, to be blunt, shot a porn about lesbians or gays, respectively. Confused? Let’s just say that if I were a director making a short for this collection, I’d be filming hot girl-on-girl action, while my lesbian friends would be filming boy-on-boy action.

One of the shorts, Blümchensex, featured fisting – some how the film managed to make the act of fisting appear sexy, connecting, and tender, while at the same time being utterly bland.

I’m not sure what it says about me, but given that at least two of the shorts were filmed in Berlin, I have to confess that I recognized one of the performers as somebody who lives in my neighborhood.


Ultimately the short that I specifically wanted to see, Offing Jack, by Bruce LaBruce was quirkier than I expected, but still rather enjoyable – and I am happy that I had the opportunity to see it. Bruce LaBruce deserves a lot more respect than he gets for the gay-film boundaries that he pushes against.

4 comments to Well now, that was Fucking Different XXX!

  • Thank you, Adamo, for bringing Bruce LaBruce’s most recent film to our attention. It will definitely be on my list of must-see films. By the way, I found the preview perfectly safe for work, especially if one has a private office with the door closed and locked virtually all of the time.

    • Most people do not have the same luxurious office accommodations that you and I have, and not all employers approve of nudity streaming over their internet connections and on their computers.

      I hope you get to see the film!

  • Reko

    Well, it’s not *REAL* nudity, you know, like *REAL* nudity. I mean, just because the actors may have been nude when a scene was filmed doesn’t mean that there’s *REAL* nudity.

  • Reko

    I just wouldn’t want any TQE readers to think that Bruce LaBruce’s cinematic genius was somehow “pornographic” as the philistines say.