May 2021


Enforcing my own personal rules…

Living alone and without an auto I am responsible for buying and schlepping all of my food home.

One of the worst things to schlep home is milk – and so I tend to not want to bring it home. And I eagerly forget to put it in the shopping cart because I don’t want to face the prospect of lugging it down the street, around the corners, and up to my apartment.

Consequently one of my problems is that I run low or out of milk – which makes it worse.

That only means that I must schlep even larger quantities of milk home in one trip – sometimes bringing home five liters in one fell swoop.

In order to avoid this nightmare scenario, I’ve made a strict rule to bring home at least one liter of milk every time I visit the supermarket – and since I’ve started to remember my own rule, I’ve built up a reserve of ten liters of milk.

That with this week’s sale of frosted mini-wheats – 8 boxes in reserve – means that I have breakfast planned until December.

Of course I need to keep up the regular buying of milk.

Cereal doesn’t weigh nearly as much as milk.

2 comments to Enforcing my own personal rules…

  • Di

    Try Kaisers delivery service! They will deliver a month’s worth of groceries for 5€, 1st time free if you get a voucher in-store – you can get milk to last you until December in one fell swoop!

    • An interesting idea, but I don’t think that it is cost-effective for milk. Edeka has a house brand of lactose-free milk, which costs less than 80 cents a litre. The least expensive Kaiser’s option is over 1€, and by the time you add on the delivery charge, it’s pretty expensive. Plus, and what’s important to me, is that I cannot see the expiration date on the milk before it comes. Right now I’m buying milk that expires in mid-January 2013. I don’t want to end up with a batch of milk that expires sooner than I can drink it…

      As for the other groceries, I usually only buy three or four days out, with a few canned goods in case I fall down a set of stairs and injure my hand (or is that a high horse, not sure), thus being unable to make it to the store for a few days.