May 2021


Test Driving Another Coffee Shop: Mokalola

I know that a month or so ago I praised Sankt Oberholz as my new potential regular coffee shop – but it hasn’t actually become my regular haunt – in part because it’s a 45 minute trip by U-Bahn, each way, to the coffee shop, and when I want coffee, that’s a long time.


Mokalola: Leberstr. 21, 10829 Berlin

So today I tried Mokalola, a coffee shop that is about 15 minutes away on foot.

I arrived at the coffee shop around 11:15 – and, unfortunately for me, apparently on Sundays, Mokalola serves breakfast, and since all I wanted was a latte and a piece of cake, I was forbidden from sitting at one of the tables reserved for eaters – I was forced to sit at the bar table in front of the window.

Not a huge problem, but still, it’d be nice if this information was on their website – www.mokalola.de – so that one could plan accordingly. Unfortunately their website hasn’t been updated since before the store opened: It announces the grand opening on February 10, 2011, some 20 months ago.

With that in mind, the cake was excellent, perhaps the best piece of cake that I have eaten in Berlin. The flavor was excellent, the moisture level perfect, and the topping was a lovely, perfectly crisp, meringue that complimented the cake nicely.

Lemon Cake at Mokalola

I demolished this piece of cake: it was the best cake I’ve eaten in Berlin.

Further, the coffee, a latte with lactose-free milk, hit the spot and the atmosphere felt right for reading and chit-chat.

However, given the breakfast-nature of the coffee shop on Sunday (and perhaps everyday), I’m a little reluctant to whole-heartedly endorse Mokalola as my new default, regular, coffee shop of choice.

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