May 2021


Dan Savage Is Right

Only in Canada

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Until my friends Jerry and John upped and decided to immigrate to Canada and move to Vancouver, I’d never really thought about Vancouver that much: it’s a city. It’s located in British Columbia, and… well, that’s where my knowledge stopped.

I don’t believe I’ve ever encountered the city in literature, nor do I believe that anything of global news significance has happened in Vancouver in the last decade, if not longer. (And I do know the Winter Olympics are coming in 2010—but that’s not significant news in my mind.)

Once Jerry and John announced their intentions, I started paying attention to the city whenever I encountered it whilst reading, and that has occurred precisely once.

Dan Savage in his book The Commitment, about getting married, talks about Vancouver and proclaims it, and Canada, to be great and wonderful—in part because there is less homophobia there.

And because the men look hot.

And its that last point that has rung true. Walking down the street there are plenty of cute, attractive, and hot men to look at. Mind you, I haven’t really been here that long, and I can only stay a few nights, before heading back to Indiana, but so far, it’s been swell.

Jerry and John live in Vancouver’s West End, which is on the same spit of land as downtown—their apartment lies between the commercial business district, and the enormous Stanley Park that provides almost unlimited recreational opportunities for people—they can be in the park in less than 10 minutes, or they can be shopping in Roots in 10 minutes. They can also be in the Davie Village—the gay district—in ten minutes.

Basically they appear to be in the heart of the vibrant part of the city with all the accompanying amenities and advantages.

Today we’re going to head down to the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site, which looks really promising, and later enjoy dinner with their downstairs neighbors.

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