December 2021


A week without coffee

Cafe Latte

Morgen Latte.

I have a strange relationship with coffee, and a terrible relationship with caffeine.

Basically, if I get too much caffeine in my system, I cannot sleep.

Unfortunately for me, “too much caffeine” is defined as “more than one cup of coffee”, or, even worse, “coffee after 11:00 in the morning”.

Given my issue with coffee, I don’t actually keep any in stock at home – instead I treat it a little bit like a drug and I purchase no more than one cup of coffee a day, on my way to work.

I am, usually, one of the first customers of the day at one of the plethora of Einstein Kaffee shops located in Berlin Mitte. Depending which bus I catch, I either wait about 8 minutes for the shop to open, or I show up 2 minutes after the shop opens.

The nice thing is that I don’t even have to say what I want – the staff remembers: Grosse Latte, mit Lactose-frei Milch, zum Mitnehmen.

3.20€, a stamp on my bonus card, and I’m on my way.

Except this week – I decided along the way that I needed to take a caffeine break and spend a week drinking only caffeine-free drinks, which practically means drinking water at work and making (caffeine free) tea at home.

Monday, I’ll admit was rough – I was tired at 10:30 in the morning. Tuesday I was tired at 11:30. Wednesday I was never tired, and today has been great.

Three more mornings to go…

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