May 2022


The Germans managed to spoil a good rant – but why? (Alternative Title: My Sofa Was Delivered a Day Early)

Old Sofas


I’m annoyed.

You see, I already had a blog entry mentally composed for tomorrow in which I was going to simultaneously complain about the delivery of my new sofa while, at the same time, praising its good looks and tell you how much I love it.

Unfortunately, the fine folks at the Mulipolster delivered my new couch a day early.

The set-up was as follows: a week ago, after not having heard any news about my sofa for seven weeks, one of my colleagues called for me, learned that it had just been delivered to the warehouse in Berlin, and set-up an appointment for the next available delivery slot, which just happened to be Saturday, November 3rd.

The time slot was, and I kid you not, 7 in the morning through 2 in the afternoon.

Anybody who has experienced this kind of delivery window realizes that there are exactly two possible delivery times. If you sleep in, or are in the shower, it will be delivered at 7:00. On the other hand, if you are fully prepared and waiting at 6:55 in the morning (and I am that kind of guy), the deliverymen will ring the doorbell at 1:55 in the afternoon.

Either way, I was prepared for tomorrow: either I was going to complain about having woken up early on a Saturday morning for no particularly good reason unable to go anywhere (delivery at 1:55 in the afternoon), or I was going to complain about how I hadn’t planned on having so much free time and that I had to take a nap in the afternoon.

Instead the couch was delivered this afternoon, just after 4.


They called me up, asked if I would be home, said they’d be there in an hour (and were there in much less than an hour), and delivered the new couch.

New Sofa


They also took away the old couch – which has long since outlived its useful life.

And they took away my ability to bitch about having cleared my entire Saturday to accommodate their wonky delivery time slot of between 7 AM and 2 PM.


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