Nothing quite like casual racism from old people…

Wednesday evening I boarded the plane to Europe, happy to be headed home, thrilled to be doing so in the comfort of the emergency exit row with infinite legroom.

Alas, I was not alone; seated next to me were an older couple. He was GI who’d met and married the German girl of his dreams back during the Cold War. They were from a rural Texas community and were headed to Berlin for two weeks.

Both of us had connected in Houston, and I noted that I’d looked at the Houston Chronicle and found the newspaper to be bad.

Before I could explain why, they happily agreed with me:

It’s filled with news about Hispanics.

3 comments to Nothing quite like casual racism from old people…

  • Reko

    Of course, what is particularly inane is that it doesn’t even seem to matter to them whether the newspaper typically puts Hispanics in a positive or in a negative light.

    • I think the best part for me was that neither understood why Latinos were in Texas or why they didn’t leave after Texas became part of the USA; or why they are there today. This from the American who married a German and brought the German to Texas.

  • Michele J

    Time to fire up some interracial pr~on right there for their edification? Whip out photos of your hot black boyfriend?