January 2022


My hard work is over. The Wyoming Monologues go on…

Strive On!

Strive On – The control of nature is won, not given.

As I noted at the beginning of February, my entry to the Wyoming Monologues was accepted and will be performed on March 8th at 9pm following a performance of the Vagina Monologues.

Writing my piece was an interesting exercise for me, mainly because most of the time my writing – for example, this blog – is done in one draft, with a quick read-over, and the publish button pressed immediately thereafter.

What I find interesting is what aspects of piece changed over time – and what didn’t. Certainly nothing remained in the exact same spot from where it was in the first draft, but watching paragraphs move around was interesting. Some of the sentences were perfect in the first draft, some are barely recognizable, and others are lost to the delete button.

Certainly I wish that I could be in Laramie for the production, but I cannot.

Instead a brave soul is memorizing my piece and will stand upon the stage to deliver it – I am thankful to her (I don’t know if she wants her name published on my blog, so I will not for now) for her hard work.

Meanwhile, for all my Wyoming readers (which, alas, I suspect is an alarmingly low number), I really hope that you can make it.

For those of you who cannot, the text will be published shortly after the scheduled performance – so the morning of March 9th, Berlin time.

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