September 2022


Three Things I’m Missing Since I’m Hitting the Road.

I’m leaving town this week — and while I’m gone, I’ll be missing (at least) three big things:

Election 2013

The first thing I’ll be missing is the German Federal Elections, which will be held Sunday the 22nd. As a political junkie I’ll “miss” it to some extent — but as a non-citizen, I have no say.

real,- Berlin Marathon

The second big thing I will be missing is the Berlin Marathon — although I won’t actually “miss” it — although I will miss the opportunity to take photos of the roller skating race the day before… I guess mixed feelings about this one.

Kurbis Kunst

The last thing I’ll miss is the annual Kurbisfest on Akazienstrasse — which I actually will miss — it’s fun seeing all the colorful pumpkins.

1 comment to Three Things I’m Missing Since I’m Hitting the Road.

  • Oh my goodness, I’d be sad to miss that pumpkin fest, too! So colorful!

    I also can’t vote, but just out of curiosity, I took the Wahl-O-Mat quiz last night. Apparently my political views fit best with those of the SPD, even though I could never imagine voting Steinbrück into office. Actually, you have to choose several parties to compare (limit of 8 out of the MANY parties there are here) and as a joke I put in Bündnis 21 RRP (have you seen their awful TV ad?!?) and that was my top hit! Sheesh!

    Well, I hope you have fun this weekend! I’m guessing you’re going to WEBMU?