June 2021


Jena Night Life

Well, last night I had to close rapidly since I had a dinner appointment-and since I type my blog entries in Word (spell checking, easier to read), and then transfer it to the web site, add URLs, and check to make sure I’ve posted it correctly, 20 minutes as a wee bit tight-especially since I was talking to Mother at the same time.

Last night was pretty good, and although I am pretty much on German time, I ended up going to bed at 11 and waking this morning at something like 5:30. At this point I don’t think it is jetlag, but rather the fact that last night at 10pm (22:00), the sun was still up sufficiently to make the sky rather light, and at 5:30 it was already up making the day bright and cheerful.

Rui and I went to downtown Jena where I found an ATM-I was in sudden need of cash. I was in the cash crunch because when J and I went to open the bank account, the intension was for me to get a few hundred €uro from her account-money that she is paying me for my desktop computer back in the states. However, since we ended up not opening the account at the Deutsche Bank, I needed to fund the basic account some how. I deposited a €20 note into my account and was on my way. My personal cash was now gone. Oh well.

After replenishing my cash we walked around parts of central area looking for some place to eat. We ended up going to an Arabian restaurant of some kind, Carthago. Neither Rui nor I spoke any German, but we puzzled out the menu and I had a delicious lamb dish, and we ordered some Hummus as an appetizer. The waitress spoke enough English to answer our basic questions-although even if she had not, we were on track to figuring it out. (Lamb translates as “Lamm” via Babel Fish-a word we both recognized immediately.)

After dinner we wandered back across the middle of the city and up Wagnergasse, or what Lonely Planet describes as the “pub mile.” We occupied a very nice table at once of the cafes (based upon the description in lp, I would guess it was Café Stillbruch) where we had a Martini and dessert-in my case I picked one of the ice cream desserts at random and was pleased with the results (actually, it wasn’t random, I could figure out what was in it and my guesses were accurate).

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